System Requirements Version 1

SeniorQuoter runs on what is called the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

1. Apache server with PHP
SeniorQuoter is tested on PHP version 4.4.4 running as a CGI on Apache version 1.3.33 running on Unix. It doesn't do anything complicated, so it should work on different versions, however it has not been tested.

Register_globals is not needed and should be turned off for added security. Version 1.3 and later include a php.ini file to turn off register_globals in the SeniorQuoter directory.

2. MySQL server
Tested on MySQL server version 4.0.27. Again, SeniorQuoter does not require anything special, so it should work on most versions, but has not been tested.

For security create a new database user with only the following permissions.


Update /includes/mysql_conncet.php with the username, password, and location of the MySQL server.

3. phpMyAdmin
phpMyAdmin is strongly recommended to make administering SeniorQuoter versions 1.x easy. SeniorQuoter's lead developer uses phpMyAdmin version 2.6.4-p13.

I use 1&1 for web hosting this website, and SeniorQuoter test and demo sites. For $3.99 a month with the Beginner Linux Hosting package you get 1 domain name (, 10GB space, 300GB bandwidth. It also supports all the things you need to run up to 10 SeniorQuoter websites including phpMyAdmin pre-installed. I am very happy with 1&1.