SeniorQuoter 1.1

With the help of Adorjan, we have made some minor changes and improvements to SeniorQuoter. Because of database changes, upgrading is not possible without reorganizing columns (see below). However new users are strongly recommended to use version 1.1 instead of version 1.0.

Download Version 1.1

  • The major improvement is that only one quote may be submitted per code. Now, when a code is re-entered after already having a quote submitted to it, the user will see their quote again. They may then edit it and resubmit it to replace the previous quote. In version 1.0 multiple quotes may be submitted per code, and quotes could not be edited after submission. (Note: the time stamp on the quote will not be changed)
  • A counter in the top right corner which says how many quotes have been submitted out of the how many people are in the database. This can be turned off in the configuration file.
  • Database Schema Change In the table 'users' 'pass' was renamed 'code' and moved up to the second column. Care must be taken when upgrading to fix this and reorganize columns. Also make sure that only one quote per code exists in the database. The new database schema is in the file "install_mysql.sql"
  • Submission Security Enhancements - now prescreen all user input for dangerous submissions

Minor Changes

  • After quote submission, your yearbook's and school's website be linked to if addresses were provided in the configuration file.
  • The page title (the thing in the top line of your browser) now has your school name in it
  • The page's author meta tag now has your school name and yearbook name in it
  • A major reorganization of code structure.
  • The footer has been moved to a seperate file.
  • The database connect file is organized out a bit better