Features wish list

These are the features which are in mind for future versions of SeniorQuoter. If you know PHP, you can help build them!
Version 3

  • Approval- Improve approval by allowing batch approval; only exporting approved quotes; email submitter when quote rejected
  • Email- Do more with email including sending invites and reminders to students. Collecting email addresses upon quote submission (if wanted to build an email list)
  • Better invites- They are ugly now! Get a better font and layout
  • Buttons???

Farther out

  • Quotes Public- Show quotes publicly (if wanted)
  • Collect other things- Articles, photos, and more
  • Better public site- Be more of a virtual yearbook everyone can build (and can include video) No trees!

Ben's suggestions
Just wanted to provide a few suggestions about your Senior Quoter script. The (removed) High School Yearbook used Senior Quoter to collect quotes. Here are a few suggestions.
1. Allow students to enter their writeup by asking for their student id# and HR#. (Most students will lose the paper invitation)
2. Allow extra fields such as activities, clubs, additional quotes etc.
3. Add a report that lists the students that haven't added a quote.
4. Add an option to allow students who forgot to enter their quote while preventing the other students from changing their quotes.
5. Better support for larger schools; At (removed) High School, the senior class is 600 students. Imagine 4 or 5 yearbook editors trying to access the list at the same time with 6600 quotes, the server goes crazy!
6. In the admin section, allow different users different permissions e.g. only allowing the super user the ability to delete students or change the config page.
7. Be able to see older versions of a student's quote even after it has been updated.
Hope this helps,