System Requirements

SeniorQuoter runs on what is called the LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

1. Apache server with PHP 5
SeniorQuoter is tested on PHP version 5.1.6 running as a CGI on Apache version 2.2.6 running on Fedora. It should work on all versions of PHP5.

(Using PHP on Windows is untested)

Register_globals is not needed and should be turned off for added security. Version 1.3 and later include a php.ini file to turn off register_globals in the SeniorQuoter directory.

2. MySQL server 4 or 5
Tested on MySQL server version 4.0.* and 5.0.*. Again, SeniorQuoter does not require anything special, so it should work on most versions, but has not been tested.

For security create a new database user with only the following permissions.


Update /includes/mysql_conncet.php with the username, password, and location of the MySQL server.

3. phpMyAdmin is recommended to make administering the MySQL database of SeniorQuoter easy.

I use 1&1 for web hosting this website, and SeniorQuoter test and demo sites. For $3.99 a month with the Beginner Linux Hosting package you get 1 domain name (, 10GB space, 300GB bandwidth. It also supports all the things you need to run up to 10 SeniorQuoter websites including phpMyAdmin pre-installed. I am very happy with 1&1. (Note you do have to make a change to the .htaccess file to make it run php5 and you might need to remove the other lines from the .htaccess file).

Shared Host Note: You might need to remove some lines from the .htaccess file since your host does not let you change these settings.