SeniorQuoter 2.0beta2 released!

So after not looking at the SQ code since January, I went back to the code to take another look and fix the bugs which remained at the end of the group study. Adorjan, a contributer, also did a lot of work since beta1 streamlining the setup. Beta2 is very close to the final release, and fixes about 20 issues from beta1, including some security issues. Replacing your old code is highly recommended. (There are some database schema changes in this version but we do not support upgrading however.)

Download from SourceForge

Here are the features and fixes:

  • A much more streamlined setup thanks to Adorjan who did some great work reducing the number of pages
  • Fixed the display quotes query (bug 347)
  • Forgot password page security improved (bug 40)
  • Better decorated invitations (bug 78 and bug 81)
  • Make sessions more secure (bug 186)
  • Fix error on invitations if no students and re-wrote the options to display users who have not submitted a quote (bug 135)
  • Created the concept of a super admin user and not allow you to delete yourself or the super-admin (bug 96)
  • Fix the wording of the due date field to make it clear what it does
  • Allow importing if each student does not have a unique student id (bug 349)
  • Fix counter after a code is submitted (bug 124)
  • Minor interface wording changes

2.0 Beta2 is fairly stable and highly recommended over 1.0. However support for non-English character sets is a bit shaky/untested and SeniorQuoter should be installed in the root directory of a domain (or subdomain).

Future plans for SeniorQuoter 3.0 is to extend it to do Who's Who and Surveys. This will be fairly easy since much of the work is already done. However, the name might need to be changed. I might even make the "modules" modular allowing anyone to write and add what they want SeniorQuoter to collect. Any ideas on a possible name?