SeniorQuoter 2.0beta1 is out!

Ten more revisions later, all of the small bugs are now out of SeniorQuoter Version 2.0. That means it is time to issues the beta. There are still some big issues which are listed below. However this release is usable. It also needs to be tested on a variety of environments and servers.

This release also marks the end of group study at Haverford. From here on out I will be developing on my own in my free time. This means that future progress will be far slower.

Download from SourceForge

Issues fixed from 2.0alpha2

Note: The database schema has changed. I would start a new install, as upgrading is not supported.

  • Make colors.php print out container color (why was this not done before)
  • have it cache images
  • Tell users to start websites with http:// in setup.php and config.php
  • Make require that setup.php be deleted (for security)
  • Remove <pre> from quote.php and quotes.php
  • Move print invitations link from quotes.php to students.php
  • Remove var_dump from upload_picture.php
  • Clear out unt's info from mysql_connect.php
  • Try to get setup.php to recognize DB info is there
  • Fix up colors.php a lot and fix it not being able to change the bg color
  • Fixed quotes.php and csvexport.php to only get the latest quote!!! (45 min)
  • Fix change_password.php to change the password of the given id, not the logged in user
  • Fix Bug 45: cross installs cookies - by setting cookie path in login.php
  • Say why remove setup.php in
  • Bug 90: Colors is blanked if gets it gets messed up
  • Make Homeroom, Code, Email, and Year optional in add_student.php
  • Make Add student auto genorating a code if none (no JS needed)
  • Delete assign_codes.php since codes will be assigned when user is added
  • Worked with importing to escape and validate (and auto add codes better)
  • Found importing bug (95) where 1st row ignored
  • Fixed remaining counter color in colors.php
  • Set default colors in colors.php to be 6 digits
  • Worked on testing import - fixed a few things including first name and last name order and finding the reason for bug 95.
  • Made student id optional again (and in database this time)
  • Printed out code for each student after import
  • Fixed bug where it would throw an error if quote was exactly length limit!
  • Tested Color Picker in IE7 and resolved bug 70
  • Make sure code is numeric in quote submission index.php
  • Make tabs work (lighter for selected item)
    • Written in $menu tells it which
  • Triaged bug list (marked bugs as fixed when they had actually been fixed for a few days)
    • 16 bugs fixed in last 2 days!
  • Make delete_student.php delete any quotes associated with that student bug 99
  • Don't let users "forget their passwords" if they are disabled. bug 42
  • Link Favicon to each page bug 41
  • Stopped Admin User's Date Registered from being changed on every update bug 46
  • Enable image caching bug 100
  • File bugs for the stuff that still needs to be done.
  • Validate all pages clean up small bugs to make it Valid XHTML
    • Make lots of small fixes
  • Remove "Assign Codes" button from Quotes.php since that page was deleted
  • Make link after install is complete bigger

Open Issues

Some of these are minor or feature requests. The big issues are listed in bold. The site is still usable, but character encoding and security needs to checked out. That is why this release is a beta.

  • 96: Prevent deletion of super-admin user
  • 40: Secure forgot password
  • 71: Upload not secure
  • 77: SQ: Unify character encoding
  • 78: PDF Invitations Bottom Half Uneven
  • 81: SQ: Invitations need Logo and style
  • 103: Homerooms Table doesn't do anything
  • 104: SQ Needs Security Audit
  • 105: Setup INSERT queries don't work
  • 108:SQ Needs to be tested on another server
  • 106: Dashboard is boring
  • 44: SQ: Nasty words dictionary
  • 55: Set up Debugging interface
  • 66: SQ: Sort by letter
  • 88: SQ: Line break limit