How it Works: An Introduction

SeniorQuoter is an installable web application written in PHP to help high-school yearbooks collect senior quotes. How it's helped Haverford High School. SeniorQuoter is installed on your own Linux server (Server Requirements and Installation Instructions).

Install School Info

You then import the list of students from Excel or enter it in the administration panel.


You then can print invitations for each student and distribute them in school.

Print Invitations

You can also change the color of the quote submission site and upload a picture to replace the Ford on the quote submission page.


You can also set Terms and Conditions which must be agreed to before a senior a may submit a quote. This removes all possibility of seniors claiming that they did not know the rules.


After seniors receive their codes, they will log into the SeniorQuoter website you have set up. They will enter their code, which is then validated against the database to ensure only students may submit quotes. After their names are retrieved, they will enter their quotes. They may go back and change their quotes as often as they wish until you disable quote collection.

Submit Quote

After the quotes submission period is over, the yearbook staff can log back into the administration panel to retrieve the quotes. Quotes are only available to those with direct database access, preventing students from seeing the quotes. In addition, an approval mechanism is in development which eases the work flow of making sure quotes have been approved. Version 2 has a primitive approval mechanism.

Quote Rejected

After quotes have been approved, the yearbook can copy and paste them off the administration panel or export them to a CSV format, which is readable in Microsoft Excel and almost all spreadsheet programs.

SeniorQuoter hopes to ease the process of collecting senior quotes for high school yearbooks. It was initially developed by Michael Plasmeier (ThePlaz) at Haverford High School. Version 2 was made by the Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Group Study at Haverford High School.

If you want to contribute, contact me or check out the project on SourceForge. SeniorQuoter is GPL (open-source) software, so you can freely use it and modify it, as long as you make public any modifications you distribute.