How it Works Version 1

SeniorQuoter is an web application to assist high-school yearbooks with the collection of senior quotes.

Server Requirements


After SeniorQuoter has been installed, an administrator imports the list of students into the MySQL database. Version 1.0 requires this to be done via external means, such as phpMyAdmin. Version 1.0 only requires a student's last and first name; other fields are provided for future reporting capabilities. Students must then be assigned a unique 10 character pass code. Again, this must be done manually in version 1.0. Students must then be informed of the SeniorQuoter website and their pass code. In the future, we will provide automated means for this.

After seniors receive their codes, they will log into the SeniorQuoter website you have set up. They will enter their code, which is then validated against the database to ensure only students may submit quotes. After their names are retrieved, they will enter their quotes. Version 1.0 currently allows quotes to be submitted an unlimited amount of times.

After the quotes submission period is over, an administrator must log back into the MySQL database to retrieve the quotes. Again, version 1.0 does not provide support for this. Quotes are only available to those with direct database access, preventing students from seeing the quotes.

Version 1.0 of SeniorQuoter is still quite primitive, and still requires a fairly tech savvy person to install and administer. (class) If you want to contribute, contact me or check out the project on SourceForge. SeniorQuoter is GPL (open-source) software, so you can freely use it and modify it, as long as you make public any modifications you distribute.