SeniorQuoter 2.0.1

I have recently become aware that SeniorQuoter breaks on versions of PHP >= 5.3.0. PHP 5.3 depreciates a lot of functions, which makes SeniorQuoter display an error message when you try to log onto the admin page, or do other things. I found a few depreciated lines of code scatted around the admin panel which were very easy to fix. I also fixed the version number in the footer.

The only thing which I could not fix is that PDF invitations will now print out the text SeniorQuoter instead of an image. The pdf-php library has not been updated to fix this. In addition, I have done a quick glance around for additional bugs. I may have missed some; please file any additional bugs you may encounter:

You do not have to upgrade, unless you are running PHP >= 5.3 in which case you must upgrade. No DB changes have been made, so you should be able to install this over your existing install. Make sure not to replace key files: