SeniorQuoter 2.0 released!

After a long break, I have released the final version of SeniorQuoter 2.0. This release fixes all of the last major bugs. It also rewrites the admin/quote.php page to display a person's quote history, much like a news feed. As such, it has a database schema change. In addition, I think I finally have the special character issues straightened out. The database text and quote submission page is now UTF-8. All sorts of special characters, including Arabic and Chinese letters, should now work fine in quotes. SeniorQuoter should also work when it is not at the root of the URL, eg However, sessions are per subdomain. This means that running more than one install of SeniorQuoter per subdomain will lead to problems.

SeniorQuoter is only tested on PHP5. PHP4 is now unsupported by the PHP team, so I did not test it on PHP4. We now warn you if you are running an old version of PHP5. .htaccess no longer turns off errors because this was causing problems on some servers. You can uncomment the lines to add it back. admin/quote.php's id is now a user id, not the quote id. I should have changed this everywhere - but if you wrote custom code, this will lead to issues. Finally, the admin edit quote page no longer enforces a length limit on quotes.

Download from SourceForge

This will probably be the last release for SeniorQuoter. It has reached it's need and I have moved on. If someone wants to extended it to collect other things from yearbooks, let me know.

Fixed bugs:

  • SQ Needs to be tested on another server (bug 108)
  • block php4 (bug 122)
  • Error when checking spelling on non-root install path (bug 123)
  • Editing quotes does not have a character counter (bug 351)
  • Invitations pdf error (bug 354)
  • Edit student requires email, student id, and year (bug 357)
  • Listing quotes still prints multiple quotes per person (bug 381)
  • Override char counter when editing (bug 384)
  • Character encoding still an issue (bug 438)
  • Does editing right after submitting cause 2x entries (bug 439)
  • List of quotes not in order (bug 440)