SeniorQuoter 1.4.1

SeniorQuoter 1.4.1 offers several bug fixes and new configuration options. As always, you can get SeniorQuoter from SourceForge.

  • Added: Spell Check Server Configuration (If you don't want to use Google's servers - not supported)
  • Fixed: The quote counter at the top of the page now does not re-count quotes which have been updated. It now accurately reflects the number of people who have submitted quotes.
  • Fixed: After submitting a quote, PHP checks if the length of the quote exceeds the length limit set by the administrator. PHP used to count new lines as 2 characters, when the "live" JavaScript counter would count them as one. This would lead to a situation, where if a senior had a quote with many returns and neared the length limit, the "live" JS counter would say their quote was acceptable, but when it was submitted, PHP would report that it was too long. This is no longer the case.
  • Changed: Some language has been changed to sound more professional, and one spelling error has been fixed.
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