SeniorQuoter 1.0 is done!

I spent a few hours over the past few weeks and I finished a very basic version of SeniorQuoter. It shouldn't even be called a 1.0 release, but it does have the basic functionality, submitting quotes. Much more still needs to be added.

The front end is just one simple page which does all of the work. Andreas Viklund made the site's theme using CSS, and I modified it to fit my school, Haverford's theme of red and gold and a car for a mascot (sad, isn't it?). The design is meant to be simple and focused, to keep the attention on the content and quote submission. Colors can be controlled in the CSS file. An easier way will be developed.

The system works with an MySQL database in the backend, and a server running PHP (tested with version 4.4.4, should work in 5) There are scripts for error configuration and database configuration. Included is also a script to set up the database.

SeniorQuoter is under the GPL, so you can freely reuse and build upon it. If you want to help contribute, head over to SourceForge to contact me or contribute.

I will start writing the documentation, and post it to the website when available.

Oh, you might be interested in downloading it, I guess.