SQ Group Study First Day

Friday was the first day of Haverford High School's group study in web design. It was an unexpected extra day, quarters normally change on Mondays. However, this extra day was good because we were able to finalize the participants.

  • Michael Plasmeier (ThePlaz), leads the group, as the founder and lead developer for SeniorQuoter. He has several successful websites, and knows a lot about PHP/MySQL. His website is ThePlaz.com
  • Michael Gdovin, is the founder of w3life a new media technology project. Michael is excited to learn PHP and MySQL. His website is Gdovin.net
  • Shawn Ard, is a sophomore who excited to take part in this group study. He is a member of Team 484, the robotics team at Haverford.
  • Sean Maguire, is also a sophomore who is a member of Team 484, the robotics team at Haverford. He runs Philles.tk, a website about the Philadelphia sports team.
  • Gary Hunt rounds out the team. He is a senior at Haverford who also is a member of Team 484, the robotics team at Haverford. He is excited to start making some websites!

The day started out a bit rough, as there was some problems with the development sever. However, Plaz set aside the server to be fixed over the weekend, and instead lead a discussion on how the internet and PHP works. The discussion went very well due to the small number of participants, causing everyone to be engaged.

Mrs. Jane Greenspun also stopped by. Mrs. Greenspun is the director of technology for Haverford School District and is the mentor for our class. We appreciate her support.

We also would like to thank Mrs. Fish, the publications director for allowing us to use her room and for her continued support (and beta testing) of SeniorQuoter. We would also like to thank Mr. Jeffery Nesbitt, the principal of HHS, for his support in organizing the group study. Also thank you to Blu Talyor for his support along with Mr. Rob Anderson. Without the support of the administration, this group study would not be possible.

More details can be found here about the group study. Stay tuned to seniorquoter.org for planned weekly updates.