SeniorQuoter Version 2.0alpha1

SeniorQuoter 2.0alpha1 is out!!!! This version still has a lot of bugs (and is missing a lot of links to features), but is feature complete! SeniorQuoter 2.0 was developed by the Group Study at Haverford High School: Michael Plasmeier, Michael Gdovin, Shawn Ard, Sean Maguire, and Gary Hunt.

This version is only recommended for testing (and it needs a lot of that!) There are still many bugs in SeniorQuoter, including several security vulnerabilities. Also many pages are not linked to each other. The team will be spending the next week fixing the bugs.

There will be more posts coming in the next few days listing the features of Version 2.0 and the new administration interface. Also, we made many changes to the database (and more to come possibly), so I wouldn't try to upgrade from version 1. Instead this is for developers to play around with so we can get SeniorQuoter ready for quote collection next year.

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bug_id bug_severity priority op_sys bug_status resolution short_desc
28 normal P3 All NEW Add options to config file
30 normal P2 All NEW Menus not linked right
36 normal P3 All NEW Style SQ Log in page
38 normal P3 All NEW Make redirect a function
40 major P2 All NEW Secure forgot password
41 trivial P3 All NEW SeniorQuoter Fav icon
42 major P2 All NEW SQ: When a user is disabled - don't let them forget password
43 normal P3 All NEW SQ: Make Button-Link CSS
44 minor P3 All SQ: Nasty words dictionary
45 critical P2 All NEW SQ: Cookies go cross install
46 normal P3 All NEW SQ: "Date registered" is changed if a user is edited
55 minor P3 All NEW SQ: Set up Debugging interface
65 major P3 All NEW Funny character don't display right in quotes
66 enhancement P4 All NEW SQ: Sort by letter
70 normal P3 All NEW Color Picker doesn't work in IE7
71 normal P3 All NEW Upload not secure
72 normal P3 All NEW Remember Me Doesn't Work
75 normal P3 All NEW Double Quotes on view quotes page
77 normal P3 All NEW SQ: Unify character encoding
78 normal P3 All NEW PDF Invitations Bottom Half Uneven
81 normal P3 All NEW SQ: Invitations need Logo and style
84 normal P3 All NEW Add Students Needs to only Allow 10 digit codes
85 normal P3 All NEW Upload Picture Needs Refresh