SeniorQuoter Version 2 Alpha 2

Ten revisions and two days later, Alpha 2 has a lot of bug fixes in it. In addition, I have finally linked and added icons for all of the pages. Setup should go much smoothly as I have added a lot of error checking code in there. Plus some more fixes here and there. Quotes are now printed as "preformatted" to preserve line breaks. Every script has been edited for the making of this release!

However there is still a ways to go, including character encoding, debugging interface, multiquery setup, and several serious security flaws.

Download from SourceForge


  • Setup error handling improved
  • Linking and icons
  • Add link to View Students in add_student.php
  • Change id to class for buttons in admin/admin_users.php
  • Fix spell check in config.php
  • Make button css in admin.css
  • Make register.php print success message in green
  • setup.php: Use new refresh code that works; Print out headers eariler, print out actual errors when checking config, put fresh links in saving config, and continue if it is there, fix printing of googiespell settings
  • Plaz added security features to invitations.php to require log in quote.php and quotes.php
  • output quote in "pre" tags to preserve formatting in quote.php and quotes.php
  • Fixed students.php link in delete_student.php
  • Fixed disable quotes for index.php No more ugly errors when $collect == FALSE!
  • Tested upload_pictures.php
  • Fixed colors.php to work much better
  • changed edit_quote.php and index.php so approval is NULL after edited
  • fixed edit_student.php so you can have any type of character in the homeroom field.
  • URL for hard refresh help
  • Add more error checking to setup.php
    • test DB connection
    • Add refresh links in a lot of places