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SeniorQuoter is an installable web app in PHP which helps high school yearbooks collect quotes from seniors to be put in the school's yearbook. Read more...

SeniorQuoter 1.4 adds Spell Checking!

After taking a month off, SeniorQuoter 1.4 is out and ready for download from SourceForge!

The big feature in this release is spell checking! We also fixed what seemed to be a bug if one hit the "enter" key instead of clicking the "submit code" button after imputing their code. Also, we have some configuration-documentation improvements and other minor code re-arrangements.

Spell checking is done using GoogieSpell from Orangoo Labs. After entering text, one hits "check spelling". GoogieSpell then uses AJAX (requires JavaScript) to query a PHP script included in the GoogieSpell directory in SeniorQuoter 1.4, which then forwards the request to Google's spelling services. Although this is not an official Google service, numerous Google products use this system. If you would rather cut Google out of the picture, you can install the Nox Spell Server, a Python interface to Aspell. Alternatively, you could use GSpellerServer, a PHP 5 interface to pspell. Neither is supported by SeniorQuoter. Of course, you could use any server (or build your own) which uses Google's XML Spelling API. The reason we are using Google's service is because it does not require any additional software. Spell checking, of course, can be disabled by an administrator if they so wish.

We hope you enjoy spell checking. SeniorQuoter is on track to get an administration interface during the 06-07 school year.

Spell Checking

SeniorQuoter 1.3

SeniorQuoter version 1.3 is now out and available for download!

1.3 adds 2 main new features. Quote submission now has a JavaScript-enabled character counter, so seniors know exactly how many character they have remaining. In addition, a new area under the quote submission box lets yearbooks add important information. For example, we use it to list acceptable abbreviations seniors can use.

SeniorQuoter 1.2 is out!

SeniorQuoter is proud to announce that version 1.2 is out now. As always you can download it from SourceForge.

SeniorQuoter 1.1

With the help of Adorjan, we have made some minor changes and improvements to SeniorQuoter. Because of database changes, upgrading is not possible without reorganizing columns (see below). However new users are strongly recommended to use version 1.1 instead of version 1.0.

Download Version 1.1

SeniorQuoter Possible Class at Haverford High School

I am trying to push through a Dynamic Website Building Instruction and Practical Experience Class for the 2006-2007 school year at my high school, Haverford High. It would be more of a mass independent study then a class, but it would be a quarter long. The first half would be guiding people through learning PHP and MySQL. Then the second half would be working on the admin interface for SeniorQuoter. This gives high schoolers the ability to learn something not normally taught at HHS and get practical experience on a real open source web project. If you go to my high school and are interested in helping, see me.

More Details, Course Description, etc.

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